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  • Apple Garamond

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    Upon the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, Apple adopted a new corporate font called Apple Garamond. It was a variation of the classic Garamond typeface, both narrower and having a taller x-height. Specifically, ITC Garamond (created by Tony Stan in 1977) was condensed to 80% of its normal width. Presumably, Apple felt that the existing ITC Garamond Condensed, at 64%, was too narrow.

    The typeface was virtually synonymous with Apple for almost two decades and formed a large part of the company's brand recognition. It was used not only in conjunction with the logo, but also in manuals and ads and to label products with model names.
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  • iPhone Product Launch Video

    The iPhone, like the Macintosh and iPod before it, redefined the category. The smartphone revolution started by the iPhone has put a powerful computer into the hands of billions of people around the world.

    "iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone," said Jobs said in the press release. "We are all born with the that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone," said Jobs said in the press release. "We are all born with the ultimate pointing device--our fingers--and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse."
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  • MacOS System 8

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    Mac OS 8 is an operating system that was released by Apple Computer on July 26, 1997. It represented the largest overhaul of the Mac OS since the release of System 7, some six years previously. It puts more emphasis on color than previous operating systems. Released over a series of updates, Mac OS 8 was an effort to integrate many of the technologies developed for Apple's overly-ambitious operating system known as Copland.
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    After leaving Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs founded a new company called NeXT, Inc. which unveiled its first product, the NeXT Computer, at a gala event in 1988. The NeXT combined powerful hardware and software in ways that had never been done before. The operating system and the GUI was a stunner. The NeXTSTEP used high resolution icons, blue background with gray and black shades. It was the most beautiful OS the industry has ever seen. And it ran UNIX.

    Apple Computer bought NeXT in 1996 after its own efforts to upgrade the Macintosh operating system failed. NeXTSTEP lives on as the heart of Mac OS X.
  • Apple Desktop Wallpapers

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  • Newton

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    The Newton is a series of personal digital assistants developed and marketed by Apple Inc. An early device in the PDA category – the Newton originated the term "personal digital assistant" – it was the first to feature handwriting recognition. Apple started developing the platform in 1987 and shipped the first devices in 1993. Newton devices run on a proprietary operating system, Newton OS.

    The Newton was considered technologically innovative at its debut.
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